What size band should I order?

HorloFLEX Watch Band Sizing Instructions  
Our HorloFLEX watch bands were created with both fashion and comfort in mind.
To achieve the most comfortable fit for you and determine your correct band size, please follow the directions below.     
1.  Use the Printable Measuring Tape to measure the circumference of your wrist.  
2.  Choose your band size according to your wrist measurements.  If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you size up.  
        Watch Band Size Chart
Band Size                      Fits Wrist Size
  120mm          150mm to 160mm (5.90in to 6.29in)
  130mm          161mm to 170mm (6.33in to 6.69in)   
  140mm          171mm to 180mm (6.73in to 7.08in)   
  150mm          181mm to 190mm (7.12in to 7.48in)      
The watch band sizing chart is intended to assist you in selecting the ideal band size for the Omega X Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch and Omega Speedmaster Professional.
If you do not own any of the watches mentioned above, follow these instructions to identify what size HorloFLEX band you need. 
1.  Use the Printable Measuring Tape to measure the circumference of your wrist. 
2.  Use the Printable Measuring Tape to measure the distance between the watch's lugs
(spring bar to spring bar).
3.  Calculate your wrist size by deducting the distance between the watch's lugs (from your wrist circumference measurements) and then adding 10mm.   If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you size up.